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School of Sports Media is a fun, entertaining and informative look at what it takes to succeed as a sports media professional during perhaps the CRAZIEST time in sports media history! 

Opportunity is EVERYWHERE. Podcasts, YouTube, social media, radio, TV. The distribution platforms are endless.

School of Sports Media materials will provide you inside tips, tricks and hacks from people who ACTUALLY make a living in sports media!

Phil Mackey, School of Sports Media Founder

Hey everyone! First, a little bit about my background... I've made a living in sports media for nearly two decades across multiple fields -- radio, podcasting, writing, social media and brand management.

I currently oversee and host multiple talk shows for SKOR North (Hubbard Radio) in Minneapolis -- including Purple Daily, which has charted regularly among Apple’s top 15 football podcasts in the United States and was also recently named a Marconi Award finalist podcast! I also co-founded The OLine Committee podcast and YouTube channel, along with former NFL offensive linemen Jeremiah Sirles and Alex Boone.

Sports media runs in my blood. I love the industry, I love the way sports content builds community, and I love giving back to the industry however I can.

That's where School of Sports Media comes in. I want this to be a learning community for anyone who has toyed with the idea of diving into the industry -- or for anyone IN the industry who is looking to improve.

Within these School of Sports Media video series, we'll sit down with sports media pros who are adapting and adjusting to how audiences consume content in today's world.

We may not have all the answers, but we certainly have some!

Thank you for stopping by!

We will teach you how to start your sports media journey

Our mission at School of Sports Media is to educate and empower the next generation of aspiring sports media members -- sports writers, sports podcasters and more.

We provide a look behind the curtain of sports media, leaning on decades of real-world experience and insider knowledge to show you what it takes to make it in the industry, succeed and ultimately thrive. 

What you'll find here (below):

1 - A FREE e-book: "5 things I've learned in 20 years of sports media"

2 - A collection of fun, insightful ON DEMAND video series with professionals talking about what it takes to get started and THRIVE in sports media.

Each video series is FULLY on-demand -- several hours of content that you can consume on your own time!

3 - A FREE online community and message board for people looking to discuss and ask questions about sports media. I (Phil Mackey) plan to be very active in this community!

Join the School of Sports Media Community!

Having other aspiring — or established — sports media members to bounce ideas off of is a major key for growth. Inside the School of Sports Media official Community, you’ll find like-minded people to discuss and collaborate with.

I (Phil Mackey) will also have a presence across the community spaces as well! Feel free to pose questions, ideas and thoughts to start discussions!

The School of Sports Media Community is currently FREE to join (for a limited time)!